Partnerships are the mainly common type of business configuration for businesses that includes more than one owner. Several businesses, varying from retail stores to accounting companies, those are set as partnerships. A business partnership is a mercantile business launched and operated by two or more individuals. There can be any number of partners involved in the business, as long as there are at least two. A business partner is always a co-owner of the business.

Many business partnerships are just like general partnerships, it stands that all partners have dependability for the business and boundless liability for the financial responsibilities of the business. This means that wide-ranging partners allocate both the profits and the detriments of the business.

Though, some types of partnership enable at least one owner limited personal liability for the business' economic commitment, consist of debts and court judgments. One general structure is the limited liability partnership, or LLP. A limited liability partnership is the latest model of business partnership where the entire owners have limited personal liability for the economical commitments of the business.

The pro of an LLP is the limited personal liability offered to all of the partners. Normally communication, each partner's personal liability for another partner's acts is limited to the partnership's resources in many states, a partner cannot misplace more than his or her investment for somewhat another partner acts.

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